iOS Software Engineer

  • startMe

    Client: Customers

    The first customizable complete social network for iOS devices. It has achieved much success and sales on marketplaces like and


    Client: University "La Sapienza" of Rome

    Winner of the ban "Idea 2 Sapienza".
    The first iPhone platform to manage, reserve and examine exams.

  • VMS me!

    Client: Vms Me LTD

    VMSme! is a cross-platform mobile app which allows to send short voice messages to any VMSme! user for free.
    VMSs are faster than a call and smarter than a SMS.

  • Lens Effects 3D

    Client: SBM Sistemi

    An application for iPad which allows to customize costumer's lens and simulate effects on them.

  • White Rouse Group

    Client: WRG SRL

    Portal for network marketing business. Accessible from customers, employees, administrators and warehouse workers, allows you to manage everything you need for a business of this kind.

  • Personal Projects

    Client: Buyers

    I made a lot of successful projects like iRestaurants, iTeleVideo, myPostamat, iQuad for iPad etc. from 2008.
    My apps were also in the top ten best-selling apps and at the first place on the best-downloaded apps in Italy in 2009 on the AppStore.

About me

I'm a passionate Software Engineer.
I love discover iOS in depth
and do the right thing,
no the fastest one.


  • Senior iOS Software Engineer/Twitter/July 2016-Present

    Trainline, formerly branded, is the most famous online seller of train tickets for British train services.

  • Senior iOS Software Engineer/Trainline/May 2016-July 2016

    Trainline, formerly branded, is the most famous online seller of train tickets for British train services.

  • Senior iOS Software Engineer/busuu/November 2014-May 2016

    busuu is a social network for learning languages with 50+ million users.
    My main responsibilities are develop, maintain and improve the busuu iOS app, interviewing Software Engineers and partecipate to the public events.

  • Lead iOS Software Engineer/Shareight/August 2014-November 2014

    Shopping on mobile can be frustrating, so at SHAREIGHT we've developed a unique search method where the top 500 retail search terms can be reached within just three taps. Built with an elegant interface that organises the results into manageable chunks of 8, SHAREIGHT aims to bring all the major stores together in a way that benefits both shoppers and retailers.
    My main responsibility in SHAREIGHT is maintaining and developing new features on the SHAREIGHT iOS platform with my iOS team.

  • iOS Software Engineer/Lebara (Voxygen group)/February 2014-August 2014

    Lebara is a telecommunication company providing services in many countries around the world. Voxygen is a team which is part of Lebara. The main activity of Voxygen is create innovative communication products. Members of our team come from diverse backgrounds encompassing telecom research, software design, user experience, service and product development and integration. We develop products for Lebara and company like Telefonica and other big in the telecommunication field.

  • iOS/PHP/MySQL Developer/Me/June 2013-October 2013

    startMe: the first customizable complete social network for iOS devices.

  • iOS Developer/InGenius Lab/May 2013-Present

    Developing applications for iOS Devices:
    - Car For Kids
    - Peg Game

  • AppStore iOS Developer/Me/September 2008-Present

    Developing applications for personal sale on the Apple AppStore:

    iPhone Applications:

    - beFREE
    - iTeleVideo (TEXT for blind)
    - myPostamat
    - 113
    - 112
    - Fantasy Park
    - Where is it?
    - Sarabandax
    - iTeleVideo
    - iRestaurants
    - Forza4
    - iConverter
    - iAffinity

    iPad Applications:

    - iQuad
    - TeleVideo-Pad

  • Lead iOS Developer/Chupamobile LTD/July 2013-July 2013

    - Apps review;
    - Write articles and tutorials;
    - Update and create new apps for the marketplace;
    - Responsable for iOS development.

  • PM & Senior iOS Developer/MobileApp SRL/January 2013-March 2013

    Project Management & programming an application for iPad (Lens Effects 3D).
    Application for optical which is based on simulation of the lenticular effects on the eyes of the customers. (realized for SBM Sistemi)

  • Web Developer/Gamma Services SRL/November 2012-March 2013

    Programming a web software management for Cicerchia company.

  • Web Developer/WRG SRL/September 2010-January 2013

    Programming a website PHP/MySQL for a company network marketing. Access customers, purchase products, view of the commission, display their structure, viewing invoices etc.
    Currently I continue to take care of maintenance and creating new sections of the site.

  • iOS Senior Developer/VMS me!/July 2012-September 2012

    iPhone Application Programming (VMSme!). VMSme! is a cross-platform mobile app to send short voice messages to any VMSme! user for free. VMSs are faster than a call and smarter than a SMS.
    The application won an Italian contest between 100 application.

  • iOS Developer/Over SRL/January 2012-February 2012

    eCommerce iPhone Application Programming (Softprice - see in the AppStore).

  • iOS Developer/71 SRL/February 2010-March 2010

    iPhone Application Programming (Original Italy - see in the AppStore).

  • Developer/Dominae SRL/January 2007-July 2009

    Programming software and corporate portals.

  • iOS Developer/DigitalFun SRL/December 2008-February 2009

    iPhone Application Programming (Ancient Legion - see in the AppStore).

  • Developer/NetVeneta SRL/March 2008-September 2008

    Programming software and corporate portals.

    Education & Certifications

  • University of Rome "La Sapienza"/2010-2013
    Qualification: Degree in Computer Engineering

    I get degree Computer engennering.

  • University of Rome "La Sapienza"/2007-2010
    Qualification: Bachelor degree in Computer Science

    I get bachelor degree in Maths Science address Computer Science.

  • Certification: Project Manager/February 2012-Present
    Qualification: Project Manager

    I get Project Manager certification from "ISIPM" - Italian Institute Project Management.

  • ITIS Copernico (Technical College)/2002-2007
    Qualification: Electronic expert

    Diploma in Elettronics & Telecommnications technician.

  • Certification: Trinity/January 2004-Present
    Qualification: Trinity english language

    I get Trinity certification from Trinity institute.

  • Certification: ECDL/May 2005-Present
    Qualification: ECDL

    I get ECDL certification from ITIS Copernico.

  • Certification: AutoCAD Drafter/June 2004-Present
    Qualification: AutoCAD Drafter

    I get AutoCAD Drafter certification from ITIS Copernico.


  • From: Simone Giacco (CEO/CTO Vms Me LTD)
    Project name: VMS me! for iPhone

    Matteo did a great job in projecting and developing VMSme! A REALLY COMPLEX app.
    He is a fast developer, with problem solving capabilities and he is a nice person to work with.
    His experience is very useful to save time and do a better job.

  • From: Wired (magazine WIRED 04/2009)
    Project name: iPhone apps

    Translated: ..The glider, the symbol of the hacker who has tattooed on my ankle, it says everything about him. Matteo Gobbi (Roman, 21 years old and a student of mathematics) as a developer for iPhone has developed various applications. Among these iTelevideo, that in the first month of life (online since February) was among the 20 software purchased from iTunes..

  • From: Tomassini - Head of Business Innovation of Telecom Italia ( interview)
    Project name: iPhone apps

    Translated: ..The simplicity with which they were born original applications and vertical. I was particularly impressed by the words of one of the developers (Matteo Gobbi, ndr.) who, referring to its apps, said: "I created them because they served to me." And this is supposed to be our approach: to make technology useful to the life of every day. ..

  • From: Repubblica (newspaper 09/07/2011)
    Project name: INFOSTUD

    Translated: The winner of the first prize was the idea of ​​Matteo Gobbi, 22, a student of computer science. His proposal takes shape by the application of the online system INFOSTUD on iPhone, iTouch and iPad, through an interactive display of six icons. Thanks to the project the students will display their teaching career, book exams, obtain all relevant information on the computing system and have college credits technical reference constant. The author is already considering the possibility of extending the application to other platforms.

  • From: TalentsOut (Video interview 06/12/2011)
    Project name: INFOSTUD

    Translated: ..thanks to Matteo Gobbi, 23 years, Bachelor's degree in Computer science and a master's degree student in Computer Engineering. With the application that he has realized, Matteo won the competition launched by the largest university in Rome for technological innovation applied to university life, Ideas To Wisdom.
    ...Talents Out present the protagonists of a new generation which compares with alternative access to work, training and self-employment. Their challenge to be able to emerge looks to a future of merit, creativity and innovation that we like to tell you about.

  • From: UStation (Video interview 12/07/2011)
    Project name: INFOSTUD

    Translated: Matteo Gobbi was awarded the first prize for its application with which students can consult their academic career, book exams and to perform various calculations on college credit.

  • From: Corriere della Sera (newspaper 11/07/2011)
    Project name: INFOSTUD

    Translated: The winner is Matteo Gobbi, 22 years. The aim of the contest was just promoting the culture of innovation among young people and improve the lives of the university community.

  • From: (interview 12/07/2011)
    Project name: INFOSTUD

    Translated: ..The first place went to the project by Matteo Gobbi, 22 years.
    It is a mobile application that transfers the phone features of the service management computer teaching INFOSTUD, revisiting the user experience through intuitive icons that allow, for now on the Apple platform, to book exams, check tuition fees and get other useful information for teaching.

  • From: (interview 21/07/2011)
    Project name: INFOSTUD

    Translated: ..Matteo Gobbi, 22, a student in computer engineering, winner of the first prize. It is an application of the online system INFOSTUD on Iphone, iTouch and iPad "that allow you to book exams, see your teaching career, print newsletters for taxes through a handy interface of six icons," says Matteo. And all at no cost. The important thing is that "the student has their own iPhone or iPad," explains.

  • From: (interview 08/07/2011)
    Project name: INFOSTUD

    Translated: ..The winner of the first prize was the idea of ​​Matteo Gobbi, 22, a student of computer science.
    His project takes shape by the application of the online system INFOSTUD on iPhone, iTouch and iPad, through an interactive display of six icons..

  • From: (interview 08/07/2011)
    Project name: INFOSTUD

    Translated: ..To win the top step of the podium was the idea of ​​Matteo Gobbi, 22, student of the Faculty of Computer Sciences, Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences. Its design takes its cue from the system online INFOSTUD on iPhone, iTouch and iPad, through an interactive display of six icons. Thanks to the project's 22-year, students will be able to book the exams, get useful information on the calculation of college credit and have constant technical references..

  • From: Bonsai TV (Video interview 2009)
    Project name: iPhone apps

    Translated: ..Matteo Gobbi is one of the developers who made ​​Italian iPhone app success as iRestaurants and iTeleVideo..

  • From: (interview 14/09/2008)
    Project name: iPhone apps

    Translated: ..Matteo Gobbi is only 20 years, but has very clear ideas and want to tell them..

My skills

Programming Languages


Working Skills

Continuos Integration


Sense of organization
Problem Solving
Team leader


  • Che dio ci aiuti 2/Fiction TV/2012

    Special figuration: guard surveillance (Ep. 1)

  • I Cesaroni 5/Fiction TV/2012

    Special figuration: poker player

  • American's Cup/Spot SKY/2011

    Role: representative of Bolivia

  • Lottomatica/Spot TV/2011


  • Alteregay/Sitcom FlopTV/2010

    Role: gay father (Ep. 4)

  • Una giornata romantica/Short Film/2010


  • Squadra narcotici/Fiction TV/2009

    Special Figuration: police

  • Tutti pazzi per amore/Fiction TV/2008


  • I Cesaroni 3/Fiction TV/2008


  • Scusa ma ti chiamo amore/Film Cinema/2007


  • Un medico in famiglia 5/Fiction TV/2006



  • Groove/Wine bar/2012Rome (Torvergata)

  • Fabber beach/Disco/2012Rome (Ostia)

  • Dolce Vita/Wine bar/2012Rome (Torvaianica)

    Event: wedding

  • Pool Party Sailors & Pinup/Disco/2012Rome (Capannelle)

  • Zar Club/Disco - Wine bar/2012Rome (Campo di fiori)

  • QUBE/Disco/2012Rome (Via di portonaccio)

    Evenings: Muccassassina & Any Given Monday

  • Circolo degli illuminati/Disco/2012Rome (Via libetta)

  • Cafe Miro/Wine bar/2012Rome (Casal Palocco)


  • Twin Dragons/Home Video/2013Tecnofilm

    Assigned reservations restaurant

  • Shaolin/Home Video/2012Tecnofilm

    Shaolin monks

  • Season of Youth/Home Video/2012Tecnofilm

    Black boy

  • Nero Wolfe/Fiction RAI TV/2012FirstLine

    Verious personages

  • Animal 2/Home Video/2011Tecnofilm

    Paramedic (Tim Hamaguchi) + Prisoners

  • Mètisse (Meticcio)/Home Video/2011Tecnofilm


  • Sanctuary 3/SKY Series/2011FirstLine

    Various personages

  • Spinn/Home Video/2011Tecnofilm

    Various personages

  • Sacrifice/Home Video/2011Tecnofilm

    Various personages


  • Java Authentication: Not Sure /17 June 2007Hakin9 - Hard Core IT Security

    Often to protect the private area of ​​a web site, using JavaScript code that encrypts the password with an algorithm easily reversible, it can be traced to the original keyword. In this article I will show a real example.

  • Steganography /17 June 2007Hakin9 - Hard Core IT Security

    We learn how to create us a custom algorithm to hide secret messages behind the image pixels.

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